5 Bike Safety Tips for Kids While Riding

by Hoffy Cycles.

Bike Safety For Kids

If one of your favourite hobbies is getting in the saddle and going for a cycle, then chances are your kids might take to it too! But when it comes to teaching your kids how to ride, safety must come first. So, what do you need to know when it comes to bike safety tips?

Safe cycling is something you need to practice every time you ride, so the tips are always going to be changing. You need to think about the type of cycling you’re doing, where you’re doing it, and what skill level you’re at. But, across all circumstances, we have five top tips for bike safety. So let’s take a look at each.

The most important bike safety tip is to wear a helmet – and make sure it fits!

Wearing a helmet is vitally important. You should never be cycling without a helmet on, and neither should kids. Even on the grass, or on cross country tracks, helmets are potentially life saving safety features. They’re also a legal requirement for a lot of cycling, so that’s worth keeping in mind too.

But having a helmet is one thing; having a helmet that fits is another entirely. That’s why a large part of this bike safety tip is to ensure that your helmet, and your child’s fit perfectly. Getting the ride helmet in that regard might mean asking for a few fitting tips at your local bike shop.

Ensuring your child has the right size of bike is another safety tip – here’s why

Bikes come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why you need to put some care and attention into finding the right size of bike for you. If you’ve every ridden on a bike that’s too big or too small, you’ll probably know that they’re much more difficult to control. And that’s precisely why this bike safety tip centres on bike sizing. Getting your kids the right size of bike will increase their safety on the road.

If your child has a well-tailored bike, he or she will be able to control it more easily, and ultimately ride it better. That will equate to safety, as you child will be able to navigate obstacles with greater dexterity, and maintain control in different situations.

Even if you’re not riding at night, our tip is to put safety reflectors on your bike, and your kids’!

Safety reflectors: they’re cheap to buy, easy to install, and a very effective safety feature on any bike. So why not be generous with them? Even though your kid might not cycle at night, making sure their bike is visible is still important. There may be days where cloud cover makes road lighting dim. There may be other times when it’s raining, and visibility for motorists is poor. Then there may be times where your child is simply caught out with a late ride home. In any case, it’s important that your child is always visible while riding.

Get your kids’ bikes regularly serviced – working brakes, and strong components are key safety tips

Getting frequent bike servicing will ensure that your bikes are in better condition for longer. And a bike that’s in better condition will be safer. Take brakes, for example. Cycling without working brakes is pretty risky, and there’s no way to test them thoroughly without getting in the saddle. That’s why we suggest that you take your bikes into the experts at your local bike shop for a biannual service, depending on how often you ride.

Finally, teach your kids to ride safely – ask the bike experts for more tips if you have to!

Last, but not least, bike safety is all about good habits. Teach your children to be aware of their surroundings while riding. Teach them where to ride, and where not to ride; what to do and what not to do. It might not seem like much, but having a good cycling role model will help your kids develop a good sense of bike safety. And if you need more tips, chat to the experts!