5 DIY Bike Service Tips

by Hoffy Cycles.

DIY Bike Service

Whether you’ve got a trusty old mountain bike or a state of the art road bike, it’s going to need a service at some point. So why not give a DIY bike service a go? DIY bike services are actually one of the best ways to keep your bike in good condition. That’s important for so many reasons too; it will keep your bike safe on the road and it will reduce the likelihood of costly repairs in the future. So get in there and try a DIY bike service. If you haven’t done it before, read on for our top tips!

You will need some good water dispersant for your DIY bike service

Pretty much everything with moving parts can benefit from a spray of the trusty WD40. From door hinges to bicycles, WD40 is your best friend in the fight against rust and squeaks. So before you start your DIY bike service, make sure you have a good can of water dispersant at the ready. It’s great for lubricating chains and cleaning metal. But remember: keep it well away from your brake pads. They are one part of your bike that you want to have as much friction as possible!

Keeping your bike clean is the best DIY service tip we have!

Unlike a lot of DIY services, bike services are pretty straightforward. If you were getting nervous thinking about sockets sets, or nuts and bolts flying everywhere, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. The most important part of a DIY bike service is really just getting it clean. In fact, you probably won’t have to disassemble anything at all. Just get into the nooks and crannies that harbour dirt and give them a good flush out. And make sure your bike dries off afterwards, so you can finish it off with a spray of WD40.

Checking Tyre Pressures

Let’s take a look at another simple, yet vital part of a DIY bike service: tyre pressures. Your tyre pressures are important for so many reasons. They will dictate how easily you can ride, and they will have a big impact on your stopping distance too. Riding around on flat tyres is more than just hard – it’s dangerous. So bust out the bike pump and give them a bit of air. You should be able to press down on the tyre without too much inwards movement. Once you’re done, you’re ready to ride!

Try not to touch your brake pads during your DIY bike service

We mentioned earlier that you need to avoid getting oil on your brake pads, and there’s a great reason for that. If you have oil of any kind on your brake pads, you are going to have a lot of trouble pulling up when you need to. And you would be surprised how little is required to make a noticeable difference. Even touching your brake pads with your hand can transfer enough oil from your skin alone to cause some trouble. We normally recommend that you skip the brakes altogether for your DIY bike service. If you have any issues with them, come in and see the specialists – better safe than sorry!

Feeling unsure about your DIY bike service? Go and see the cycling experts for help

That leads us pretty nicely to our last point: don’t do anything that you’re not comfortable with during your DIY bike service. If you think anything is a little bit out of your league, take your bike into a specialist technician. After all, a professional service is a good idea every now and then – even with your DIY services in between!