5 Hidden Brisbane Bike Trails That You Need To See Today!

by Hoffy Cycles.

5 Hidden Brisbane Bike Trails That You Need to See Today!

Brisbane is home to some of Queensland’s most diverse and historical scenery. The area seamlessly combines natural beauty with enduring remnants of our interesting past. Increasingly, Brisbane residents are turning to cycling as a means of seeing what this fantastic area has to offer. Cycling is a great hobby for everyone. People of varying ages, fitness levels and interests can all enjoy the many benefits of going for a ride. Not only will you get fit, but you will also see things throughout this great city that simply cannot be seen from a car. Hoffy Cycles share with you below 5 hidden Brisbane bike trails that you need to explore!

New Farm to Teneriffe

New Farm and Teneriffe are among some of Brisbane’s most well preserved historical areas. Both of these suburbs are leafy and flat. They also have a number of well-maintained bike trails on offer. The New Farm to Teneriffe bike trail is a great one for families and sightseers. As well as this, it is great for those who don’t mind stopping for a coffee or two. Depending on what you want to see, you can do this ride a number of ways. The most popular way to do this is to follow the river from the area around New Farm Park. This brings you to the Woolstores along Macquarie Street and Vernon Terrace. The route through here follows a flat, relatively new bike path that offers sweeping river views and beautiful breezes. If you would like a longer ride, you can start as far back as the city. From there, you can take the River Walk to Merthyr Park, then on towards Teneriffe.

West End to South Brisbane

West End and South Brisbane are two of our city’s most prominent cultural districts. Both suburbs have their fair share of history on offer. You can also enjoy a scenic ride through your choice of riverside bike path or suburban streets. As with any ride, you can mix this route up to suit your own preferences. Most people prefer to follow the river along its West End bank, as this is a flat and well-maintained route. For those seeking a bit of an extra challenge, the steep hills of West End offer a rewarding, albeit difficult, route to your South Brisbane terminus. For the best of both worlds, there is nothing stopping you from creating your own route through this area.

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Daisy Hill offers a veritable mixed bag of cycling options. The area is popular among mountain bike and cross-country riders. But don’t worry – the trails do offer options for almost all riders. There is an abundance of trails throughout the Daisy Hill area and they vary in length and difficulty. It is also worth noting that these tracks are all dirt. This makes them unsuitable for road bikes, so make sure you bring a mountain bike with you. Daisy Hill is great for those looking to get that remote feeling of bush serenity, without having to stray far from the city.

CBD to Western Suburbs

This bike trail is a popular option for many commuters, but that does not mean it is short on scenery. Again, this trail can be tailored to suit your personal needs, including your fitness. The CBD to Western Suburbs route generally begins around the Eagle Street Pier district. It follows the river along a flat, well-maintained bike path that weaves around Gardens Point and onto the Bicentennial Bikeway. Simply follow this along the river to the western suburbs.

Annerley to Stones Corner

This ride is popular for families as it is short, flat and quite accessible for riders of all ages and skill levels. This ride begins at Ekibin Park South and follows a flat concrete bike path in a northerly direction towards Stones Corner. It is not difficult to navigate this area and the ride presents plenty of opportunities to stop and explore the area. There is not a great deal to see, although it does offer wide open spaces perfect for energetic children.

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