6 Tips To Help Avoid Bike Punctures

by Hoffy Cycles.

We are the first ones to admit that bike tyres often go overlooked. As cyclists, we all spend so much time on the running gear of our bikes that we forget about the basics like tyres. And when you’re sitting on the side of the road with a bike puncture, it’s pretty easy to see why tyres need as much care as the rest of your bike. But is there really anything you can do to prevent bike punctures? Believe it or not, there is plenty! That’s why we have listed our six favourite tips for avoiding bike punctures.

#1 Bike punctures are more likely if you don’t have the right type of tyre

A lot of the time, bike punctures can come down to tyre selection. It’s a lot like selecting a tyre for your car really. For example if you have a sports car, you will probably go for a low-profile road tyre. But if you have a four-wheel drive you would be more inclined to choose an all-terrain tyre. If you apply that logic to bike tyres, your selection will be easy! If you have a mountain bike or downhill bike, choose a tyre with more aggressive and heavy-duty tread. If you have a road bike, choose a more narrow and sleek road tyre. This can help avoid bike punctures.

#2 You can reduce the likelihood of bike punctures by keeping your tyres well inflated

Another great way to avoid bike punctures is with tyre maintenance. And when it comes to tyre maintenance, tyre pressures are an important consideration. Have a look on your tyre to determine the ideal pressure. Once you have worked that out, it’s simply a matter of checking your pressures every week and keeping the tyre well inflated. This will have a remarkable effect on the durability of your tyres.

#3 Check your rims regularly – misshapen or damaged rims can cause bike punctures

If you do a lot of riding, your rim can actually become misshapen or sustain damage without you even realising. Every time you hit a pothole or bump, your rim is actually wearing quite a lot of the impact. Over time, this will take its toll. And when your rims are out of shape, your tyres are much more prone to punctures. So every now and then, turn your bike upside down and spin the wheels. If you see any sideways movement, you might need to get your rim reshaped or replaced at the bike shop.

#4 If you see potentially sharp debris on the road, always avoid it – sharp objects cause bike punctures

When you’re driving on the road, broken glass is no concern. But when you’re on a bike, it can be an issue. Even though bike tyres are pretty tough, they simply aren’t as thick or solid as car tyres. So even broken glass can cause bike punctures in certain circumstances. To give yourself the best chance of avoiding a bike puncture, take care not to cycle over sharp debris.

#5 Avoid high impact when you’re cycling – kerbs and gutters are a leading cause of bike punctures

Different bikes are built to withstand different forces. And while some can hop up a gutter without any trouble, others will sustain some damage. The most common form of damage is a bike puncture. The impact of hitting a gutter or bump at speed can pinch the tyre against the rim, causing it to rupture. Our advice: avoid high impact if you can!

#6 Your bike shop can help you avoid bike punctures by matching your bike with wider tyres

Another great way to avoid bike punctures is by getting wider tyres. Wider tyres distribute your weight across a larger surface area. This minimises your chances of getting a bike puncture. But there is a limit to how wide you can go. That’s why we recommend asking your bike shop experts for some advice.