7 Reasons to Take up Cycling Right Now!

by Hoffy Cycles.

7 Reasons to Take up Cycling Right Now!

Cycling is one of the most popular sports around. There are many good reasons why this is the case. Cycling is a great way to exercise, commute or simply see the sights of your neighbourhood. But, you might think, why not just go for a run? Sure, running is something that everyone can do and you don’t need anything to get started. However, running lacks many of cycling’s distinct advantages. Furthermore, running heightens your risk of injury. To consolidate the advantages of cycling, we have developed a list of seven reasons why you should take up cycling now.

1. Cycling improves your physical health

The most obvious benefit of cycling is exercise. Cycling is great cardiovascular exercise. This means that it can improve the health of your heart and respiratory system. As a result, your chances of developing a heart condition, and even some types of cancer, are greatly reduced. But that is not its only health related benefit! Cycling also engages many of your body’s muscles. This means that you can improve your strength enormously by simply going for a ride. The best part: you are at less risk of injury than many other sports. This is because cycling does not involve bearing weight in the same way that running does. This makes it better for your knees.

2. Cycling is good for you mental well-being

Mental well-being is just as important as physical well-being. That is why it is so great the cycling has them both covered. Cycling releases endorphins in your brain, which has been linked to a better state of mind. After a ride, you are more likely to be feeling positive, and less likely to be experiencing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can also improve your sleep.

3. Cycling minimises your carbon footprint

Carbon neutrality and ‘green’ transport are fast emerging as a priority for many commuters. Some choose to carpool or take public transport to work as a result. But nothing is more environmentally friendly than cycling to work. Cycling emits no carbon, which means you can enjoy feelings of environmental responsibility, as well as the great feeling of exercising.

4. Cycling can be a quicker way to traverse urban areas with heavy traffic

In densely populated urban areas, traffic can be a nightmare. Getting just a few kilometres to work can take half an hour or more when that peak hour traffic sets in. For a lot of commuters, this is simply a daily reality. But it does not have to be. When you cycle, traffic is not an issue. Bikes are low profile and manoeuvrable, which means that you can make your way through traffic at a constant speed. A lot of the time, this is actually quicker than driving.

5. Cycling saves money

Cars come with costs. Whether it is fuel, registration or parking, you will find yourself forking out money every time you go for a drive. Cycling, however, is a one cost exercise. Simply purchase a bike and away you go. You don’t have to worry about ongoing costs, and you will save a lot of money in the long-term.

6. When you cycle, finding a park is never an issue

Braving the commute into the city can be an exercise in frustration, but that is nothing compared to the annoyance of being unable to find a park. Parking in an urban environment can be hard, expensive and time-consuming. But with a bike, simply lock it up in an appropriate area and get on with your day.

7. Cycling allows you to get in touch with your surrounds

This is one of the under-recognised advantages of cycling: it truly allows you to connect with your neighbourhood and city. Whether you are cycling on a scenic bikeway or the streets of your suburb, cycling is a great way to see the finer details of the world around you.

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