Are Folding Bikes Good For Commuting?

by Hoffy Cycles.

Folding Bikes For Commuting

As COVID-19 restrictions start to ease, many of us will be groaning at the thought of restarting our daily bus or train into work. But there’s a way to skip packed, germ-ridden public transport, and exercise at the same time—a folding bike!

Are folding bikes good for commuting? Absolutely. They’re affordable, lightweight, and are especially good for commuting. Here’s some reasons why you should consider buying one.

They’re faster than you think

Many people incorrectly assume that the smaller wheels of a folding bike makes them slow. But while you probably won’t outpace a lycra-clad speed demon with bulging calves, you’ll be surprised by how fast folding bikes can travel, particularly off the mark.

They’re easily stored in your workplace

Folding bikes were made to be lightweight and mobile. They come in a range of types and sizes, and most of them can be folded up small enough to be tucked under your desk, or placed safely in a secure area. You’ll just need to ride into your office, fold up your bike, and crack on with your day.

Being able to keep your bike with you at your workplace also reduces the risk of it being stolen.

They’ll shorten your walk to the train or bus station

If you live too far away from work to cycle the full distance, and your train or bus stop is a decent walk from your home, commuter bikes are a great way to shorten the walk. Before you hop on your train or bus, you’ll just need to fold up the bike, and then place it in the luggage rack, being sure to keep a lookout for thieves throughout the journey. 

Folding bikes can feel like a godsend in our sweltering summertime, with 15 minute walks cut down to just a few minutes of riding, and a breeze on your face as you go.

You’ll be fulfilling your exercise needs

Exercise is one of the best things that we can do for our physical and mental health, with an astonishing list of benefits. Australia’s national exercise guidelines recommends getting between 150 to 300 minutes of moderate intensity exercise (e.g. brisk walking, slow cycling, dancing), or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise (aerobics, fast cycling, running). By cycling to work, you’ll be ticking off your weekly minutes, and getting fit without having to drag yourself to the gym three times a week.

You’ll save on transport fees

It’s estimated that Australians spend roughly 4.5 hours commuting every week.1 Whether your money goes on petrol, train fares, or bus fares, it ends up accumulating to a lot of money over the course of the year. A folding bike is an investment that not only makes you healthier, but saves you money in the long run.

You’ll be helping our planet

It’s no secret that our planet is suffering badly of late, with record carbon dioxide levels and global temperatures. Cycling to work every day might not seem like much, but it’s a small difference that encourages others to do the same, so that we can pull our planet back from the brink.

As we slowly return to our workplaces, there’s never been a better time to invest in a folding bike. They’re lightweight, portable, easy to ride, and you’ll also save money on public transport, and top up your weekly exercise with every trip to work. 

Folding bikes are great for commuting!


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