How to Repair a Bicycle Tyre

by Hoffy Cycles.

Repair A Bicycle Tyre

Ensuring your bicycle tyres are pumped up to the optimum air pressure before starting any journey can significantly reduce the risks of punctures. However no matter how you prepare, it is inevitable that your tyres will get a puncture every so often. Here at Hoffy Cycles, our dedicated team of specialists have devised this guide on how to repair a bicycle tyre. This will give you the confidence to repair your tyre should you suddenly hear the fearful sound of air rushing out of your tyre when enjoying a ride on your bicycle


Before any journey, you should ensure you are equipped with;

•    Bicycle pump
•    Wrench
•    Puncture Repair kit (available in store)

Repairing a Puncture

Punctures occur when the inner tubing that holds pressurised air in your tyre is pierced, rapidly releasing air and leaving you with a flat tyre.

Your first task is to remove your tyre from the wheel frame. This can be done using a wrench, although a spoon handle proves to be an equally effective alternative. Place the wrench between the tyre and the frame and slide it around the frame, gently easing the tyre away.

Once you have removed the tyre, your next job is to locate the puncture. Use your pump to inflate the inner tube and then listen for the sound of escaping air, allowing you to locate the puncture.

Use sanding paper supplied in your repair kit to sand down the area before applying a patch of material to the inner tube using a moderate amount of adhesive. Press down hard from the centre of the patch outwards and then wait for the adhesive to dry.

Once the adhesive has dried and you are confident the patch is secure, inflate the inner tube slightly before placing it back inside your tyre and then fitting your tyre back into the wheel rim. Once the tube is back securely in the tyre, you can completely inflate and continue with your journey.

If you have any questions or require professional bicycle repairs and servicing so that you can enjoy riding your bicycle once again, visit us here at Hoffy Cycles or call us on 07 3269 1213.