How to Choose a Bike Helmet | The Ultimate Buyers Guide

by Hoffy Cycles.

Bike helmets are on par with bikes as the most important piece of cycling kit. Let’s face it – you can’t jump on your bike without one. Bike helmets are also a legal requirement. That means choosing a bike helmet is as inevitable as choosing a bike! So let’s take a look at how to choose a bike helmet. With these tips, you can make sure to come away with the right helmet for you. And who knows, that might just save your life.

Choosing the safest bike helmet means choosing the one that fits – here’s how to do that

A lot of people want to know which bike helmet is the safest. And that’s understandable; safety is paramount when cycling. But choosing the safest one depends on what sort of riding you do. For example, if you’re into downhill mountain bike riding, you’re probably best suited to a full faced helmet. On the other hand, if you’re into competitive road cycling, a low profile helmet is probably ideal. But in every case, there is one way to guarantee that you’ve chosen the safest helmet possible: choosing one that fits. If you choose a well-fitted helmet, you can rest assured that it’s going to protect your head when you need it to. Ill-fitting helmets run more of a risk of sliding back, forward, or side to side. As a result, they simply don’t offer the protection of a snug-fitting bike helmet.

How to measure bike helmet size

Choosing the right sized bike helmet means knowing how to measure helmet size, and compare that to your head size. The first step of that equation is to measure your head size. To do so, take flexible tape measures – such as a tailor’s measuring tape – and wrap it around the largest part of your head. For most people, that will begin towards the top of your forehead. The resulting size will then tell you which helmet to choose. Simply consult a helmet size chart to find that out. Alternatively, you can ask your local bike shop expert for some tips. And remember, always try it on before you buy!

Choosing the best commuter bike helmet – what to look for

Commuter bike helmets are not exactly a specialist variety. And that’s good news for you! Generally, commuter cycling is not particularly high speed or long distance. There’s also less likely to be much hilly terrain. As a result, the protection and comfort offered by a standard bike helmet will be more than enough. The good news of that is simple: standard helmets cost less than specialist ones! So if you’re buying a bike helmet for your morning commute, there’s probably no need to go straight for the top shelf.

Choosing the safest bike helmet for a child: what you need to know

Choosing a bike helmet for children is a little trickier than choosing one for you. You have to be sure that the sizing is perfect, but you also have to consider the fact that children do grow. As a result, it’s work asking an expert at your local bike shop. The experts will be able to run you through their range and recommend bike helmets that are particularly suitable for children. Then, it’s just a matter of measuring your child’s head, picking a suitable size, and trying it on!

Low profile bike helmets – should you choose one?

So we’ve covered the standard variety of bike helmets, but what about some more specialist models? Low profile bike helmets are designed with high-speed road cycling in mind. They are built to cut down on wind resistance, while simultaneously offering great protection. Choosing a low profile bike helmet is also a little trickier, so we recommend looking for some expert advice. That will help make sure you’re safely equipped to cycle at high speeds on the road, where head protection is absolutely vital.

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