New Year Challenge: Bike to Work

by Hoffy Cycles.

Bike To Work

We are all aware of the importance of exercise and arguably one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise is cycling. The ability to be on your bike in the sunshine whilst taking in some of the breathtaking views the local area has to offer is the ideal way of being active and ultimately keeping fit. To kick off the New Year in style, we at Hoffy Cycles are setting the challenge of leaving your car in the garage and using your bike to get to work every day. We are actively encouraging you to use your Brisbane bike and our extensive selection can lead to you doing so in style.

What better way than to start 2011 with a fitness drive that results in you using your top of the range bike to get yourself to work every morning? In addition to improving your fitness, the fact that you are leaving your car behind will also mean that you will be playing your part in protecting the environment.

Whether you are a cycling enthusiast who enjoys to race bikes or are a more recreational cyclist, our bike shop stocks a large selection of the leading brands to suit whichever category you fall into. A bike can lead to hours of fun and enjoyment whether you are cycling on your own or with your family.

Our experienced team at Hoffy Cycles can ensure that you get the ideal bike to provide you with a comfortable and safe journey to work each and every day. Choosing a style to suit you, along with making sure of the correct size are two important factors to consider when purchasing a new bike and as this can be a difficult task, our dedicated team are always on hand to point you in the right direction.

So, why not take our New Year challenge and use one of the bikes available here at Hoffy Cycles to get you into work each day? We encourage you to get on your bike and enjoy the fun that cycling can bring every day on your journey to and from work.

For all your bike needs, get in touch with the experts at Hoffy Cycles today on (07) 3269 1213.