Cycling Commute: Riding to Work Easier than Many Think

by Hoffy Cycles.

Cycling Commute: Riding to Work Easier than Many Think

Riding to Work in Brisbane

Are you stuck in a sedentary office job around the clock? Want to exercise but struggle to find the time or motivation? Time to book a motivational speaker? Maybe not just yet! The answer could be a simple as a commute to work on two wheels. Before you start making excuses, about how it’s too far or too hilly – you need to read this…

Planning the Journey

Brisbane is a cycling friendly city. Sure we have our hills, but we’ve also got the freedom to ride on bike paths and footpaths where needed – something that’s not allowed in other states. Before you undertake your first ride, talk to others who ride to work, can they offer any tips? Will it be dark when you ride home? If so you’ll need some cycling accessories like lights.

Plan the route

The way you drive to work does not automatically make the best route for cycling. Avoiding busy or congested streets will make a much more enjoyable (and safer) journey, even if it’s slightly further than the way you would normally drive. People who live on the Southside suburbs of Greenslopes, Stones Corner and Coorparoo can take advantage of the South East Bikeway and Northern Western suburbs can use the Kedron Brook bike way, while Toowong residents can easily cycle into the city using the Bicentennial bikeway. Plan your journey with the full list of Brisbane bikeways.

Test the route

It’s a good idea to test the route before you ride into for the first time to check that you’re comfortable with the journey and time how long it takes to make the trip at a comfortable speed. Remember you want to travel at a comfortable speed to ensure you don’t arrive flustered and rushed at work.

Clothes and hair

Different things work for different people in this department. Some ride in their work clothes, others will bring a week’s worth of clothes to work and change or others will take their clothes to work. To avoid helmet hair, it’s a good idea to bring a brush and shoes or leave them at your workplace.

Benefits of Riding to Work

Apart from saving money on petrol, you’ll also be doing wonders for your fitness and have increased concentration while on the job and feel less restless. You also won’t have to commit to cycling everyday but it’s a great way of making sure you get forced exercise – once you cycle to work, you’ll also have to cycle home – a great way to wind down at the end of the day.

For a new set of wheels and commuter bikes, or to bring your existing bicycle up to scratch come in and see the friendly crew at Hoffy Cycles, one of Brisbane’s longest established cycle shops. We’ve got everything to get you on the road. Soon you’ll be enjoying the wind in your face and the freedom that cycling brings!