Seven Signs your Bike Needs Servicing or Repairs

by Hoffy Cycles.

Seven Signs your Bike Needs Servicing or Repairs

Like your car, a road bike is an oiled machine that benefits from servicing and repairs on a regular basis so that you can get the best out of its performance and you’ll be able to stay safety while on the roads. After a tune-up you’ll also likely to enjoy your experience riding even more and remember why you started riding in the first instance.

Unfortunately however for many bike owners, servicing and repair doesn’t even come into the picture when thinking about their bikes, and when they notice signs of wear and tear they often put up with it for as long as possible, or abandon their bike in the garage to collect dust.

Here at Hoffy Cycles we want everyone to know that most repairs, servicing or tune ups for road bikes are easy and affordable and better yet can be done within a couple of hours. Have you experienced any signs that just don’t seem right when riding on the roads? No problem, just visit us and we’ll let you know what your options are. In most cases we can get you back on the road again very quickly and without fuss. Here are some signs that you need to see us to inspect your bike for servicing and repair.

1.     Chain keeps slipping off – It could be a matter of just draping the chain back on, or your chain may be too long for the frame of the bike or maybe it just needs lubricating and cleaning.

2.     Loose Bolts – Problems can start when your bolts on a bike get loose, sometimes they even go missing and people don’t notice until things get dicey. Come and see us if you’re missing a crucial bolt and have everything safety put back together again

3.     Stuck Seat Post – There’s nothing worse than a seat stuck on your bike that’s either too high or too low. We’ve got the tools to get you sitting pretty (and comfortably) on your bike once more.

4.     Flat tyres – Whether it needs a new tube inner, or just a patch up don’t let a flat tire deflate your likelihood of riding. Come and see us and we’ll get you sorted out quickly and affordably.

5.     Squealing Brakes – This means your brake pads are talking to you and they’re saying they don’t like where the pads sit on the rim. Come and see us so we can reposition them and adjust them in just minutes.

6.     Clunking, Clicking and Screeching Noises – It’s not fingernails on the chalkboard but it sure sounds almost as bad. It could be tightening of the spokes on the wheels, or some much needed lubrication, but fixing any of these noises will inevitably make for a much smoother and quieter ride.

7.     Gears need to be corrected –You’ve got gears to make things easier not harder, but if shifting becomes a problem to you might have tension problems in the cables with just some tightening needed.

Don’t sit on any problems with your bicycle any longer. Hoffy Cycles is one of Brisbane’s friendliest and longest established bicycle repair shops. We’ve been around for decades and we continue to help Brisbanites who are interested in both serious and recreational riding. Come and see us today. We’re at 10 Bowser Parade Sandgate. Call (07) 3269 1213.