Tips to Encourage your Kids to Ride Bikes

by Hoffy Cycles.

Encourage your Kids to Ride Bikes

We all remember learning to ride a bike. The initial unsteadiness soon became the wind in our hair, as we enjoyed the first taste of freedom childhood offers. It’s no surprise, then, that most parents look forward to the bike riding milestone. But it can be tricky. Kids are often apprehensive when it comes to getting on a bike and riding. They often need a lot of encouragement just to try and ride a bike. Luckily, though, we’ve got some helpful tips to get your kids into the saddle!

It might seem counterintuitive, but you should encourage your kids to ride bikes on hard surfaces

If your child doesn’t have a lot of bike riding experience, you might think it best to encourage soft surface riding. But, believe it or not, that can have a negative effect. Sure, there’s less chance of a scraped knee on the grass. But the trade-off is fun! Riding on the grass is hard work. There’s a lot of resistance, and without the speed it’s hard to find balance. If you encourage your kids to ride a bike on a bike path, they will likely get the hang of it much quicker. Unsteadiness will wear off with speed, and before long they’ll be having a great time!

Encourage your kids to ride bikes as a means of transport; it gives them a sense of freedom

When your kids have become a little more steady in the saddle, you can turn your mind to frequency. Encouraging your kids to ride a bike is one thing, but encouraging them to ride frequently is another altogether. That’s why we suggest encouraging them to ride as a means of transport. Visiting a friend around the corner? Why not ride there! Want a treat from the shops? That’s a perfect opportunity for a ride! When kids come to realise the freedom they can gain with a bike, you won’t even need to encourage them to ride.

When your kids are confident riding bikes, encourage them to try different terrains

As your kids gain confidence on the bike, they’ll become more adventurous. But that doesn’t mean a little encouragement won’t go astray! It’s important for kids to find them limitations when it comes to riding. Finding different terrains to ride on is a great way to do just that. Taking your kids down to the local park for a ride on the BMX track is one way to help them expand their horizons. They’ll get a feel for their own dexterity and balance, as well. That will allow them to develop their riding, and improve as time goes on.

It’s easiest to encourage your kids to ride bikes when you’re riding with them!

As with all encouragement, getting in on the action is preferable. Encouraging from the sidelines is one thing, but actually getting on a bike with your child is another entirely. Kids always want to spend time with their parents, so why not make cycling a two-person activity? Setting yourself goals is a great way to bond with your child, and improve your fitness in the process.

Finally, patience is the key! Encouraging your kids to ride bikes might take some time to pay off

Remember, your kids are likely to have some trepidation no matter how much you encourage them. At the end of the day, encouragement is nothing without patience. So be patient with your kids, and try to support them as best they can if they’re a little uncertain. We can assure you that they’ll take to a bike – as a fish does to water!

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