Fine tune your bike for optimum performance

by Hoffy Cycles.

Fine tune your bike for optimum performance

Since we’re so passionate and enthusiastic about anything cycling-related, here at Hoffy Cycles it’s  disappointing when we learn how many people in Brisbane own otherwise fantastic bikes but aren’t getting the most out of their performance. Even more disappointing is that due to simple problems with worn brakes or bumpy suspension, people abandon their bikes in their garage to collect dust.

The truth is a simple fine tuning can get the performance of these road, BMX, or mountain bikes back up to scratch in no time at all.  In today’s post we share common parts of a bicycle we fine tune here at our workshop and how easily serviced these components usually are. After all there’s nothing we’d like more than to get your bike out of the garage and on the open roads, performing at an optimum level like it was designed to.

Adjusting Bike Gears

Bike gears can be among the most complex, yet essential components of a bike’s mechanics. Often if a bike skips a gear when shifting to an easier gear or vice versa, it can be symptomatic of tension problems in the cables at the rear or front of the bike. The good news is cables, gear parts and shifting mechanisms can all be repaired and serviced easily here at Hoffy Cycles. Adjusting gears is one of our most common fine tunes and makes the world of difference for a riders cycling experience.

Feel Good with Smooth Suspension

For a smooth and comfortable ride, tyres and shock absorbers in the bike’s suspension system needs to be maintained in good condition as these wear over prolonged use. Suspension fork’s need the insides to be cleaned and on occasion also need to be adjusted to suit your weight and riding style. Come see us here at Hoffy Cycles and we’ll fine tune your suspension for a feel good and smooth ride.

Fine Tune Brakes

Got Brakes that feel stiff or squeal when they are engaged? Over time brake pads wear on a bike, with a pad sometimes even dragging on the rim itself. Common problems with bicycle brakes include pads which have been knocked and need repositioning, barrels that need tightening to provide more tension to the brake cable and the ever common worn brake pads which are simple and quick to supply and replace. If you think you’re brakes aren’t performing the way they should, bring your bike in for a quick inspection to which we’ll happily get the braking systems working the way they should. Brakes are the most important component to be working correctly to ensure a safe ride.

When it comes to your bike, getting the basics right including brakes, gears and suspension makes the world of difference in getting the most out of your bike and enjoying it in the way it was intended. Our fine tuning cycling specialists conduct routine work on these components so you can be assured of expertise and quality workmanship to get your cycle out of the garage and on the road again.

For more information please call into our workshop at 10 Bowser Parade, Sandgate or call us on (07) 3269 1213.