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5 Surprising & Amusing Bicycle History Facts

by Media Heroes.

Bicycles have been around for over two centuries, and today, there’s roughly two billion of them being used around the world. They have a rich and surprising history, peppered with interesting facts.

Are Folding Bikes Good For Commuting?

by Media Heroes.

Folding Bikes For Commuting

As COVID-19 restrictions start to ease, many of us will be groaning at the thought of restarting our daily bus or train into work. But there’s a way to skip packed, germ-ridden public transport, and exercise at the same time—a folding bike!

5 Family Biking Ideas During COVID-19

by Media Heroes.

COVID-19 has had a big effect on the way we live our lives. And cycling has not been immune! There are limits on who can cycle together, and where you can go. So now’s as good a time as any to get the family out for some more localised riding. But coming up with family biking ideas is not always as easy as it looks.

5 Bike Safety Tips for Kids While Riding

by Hoffy Cycles.

Bike Safety For Kids

If one of your favourite hobbies is getting in the saddle and going for a cycle, then chances are your kids might take to it too! But when it comes to teaching your kids how to ride, safety must come first. So, what do you need to know when it comes to bike safety tips?

Four Common Roadside Maintenance Fixes

by Hoffy Cycles.

Roadside Maintenance Fixes

No matter how well you keep up with bike maintenance, there’s always the possibility of a roadside fix. We recommend travelling with a simple tool kit for that reason. But before you can put together your cycling tool kit, you need to know what fixes are likely to be required.

Mountain Bike or Road Bike? How to Choose the Right One for your Needs

by Hoffy Cycles.

Mountain Bike or Road Bike

When it comes to bikes, the two most popular varieties are mountain bikes and road bikes. They’re both pretty specialised too. On the one hand there are road bikes. Sleek, light, and fast, road bikes are generally far easier to ride over paved surfaces. They are great for long-range riding, and they come in a number of designs – from beginner to expert.

Tips to Encourage your Kids to Ride Bikes

by Hoffy Cycles.

Encourage your Kids to Ride Bikes

We all remember learning to ride a bike. The initial unsteadiness soon became the wind in our hair, as we enjoyed the first taste of freedom childhood offers. It’s no surprise, then, that most parents look forward to the bike riding milestone. But it can be tricky. Kids are often apprehensive when it comes to getting on a bike and riding. They often need a lot of encouragement just to try and ride a bike. Luckily, though, we’ve got some helpful tips to get your kids into the saddle!

How To Replace your Bike Chain

by Hoffy Cycles.

How to Replace Your Bike Chain

Bike chains need replacing. Like any moving part, they’re prone to wear and tear. Despite their tough build, and compact configuration, the conditions will eventually get the better of them. It’s best to keep an eye on your chain so that it doesn’t let go while you’re using it. That could result in possibly dangerous consequences.

An Expert Guide To Cleaning Your Bike

by Hoffy Cycles.

Everything needs a good clean once in a while. Our cars often get good treatment, and so do our homes. But what about our bikes? Sure, bikes are pretty low maintenance. But there’s a difference between low maintenance and no maintenance. Cleaning your bike is an important step to keeping it in good working order.

Safety Tips For Riding In The Rain

by Hoffy Cycles.

Riding In The Rain

Only the mad keen cyclists know that riding in the rain is some of the best riding you can do! But, as with all fun things, it’s not without its challenges. Riding in the rain means contending with low traction, poor visibility, and different obstacles that you simply won’t find in dry conditions. That means safety is an issue.