Customer Reviews

Rock n Roll Gold Lube

by Hoffy Cycles.

This is one of the best lubes we have ever used, low maintenance, clean and quiet.

Here are  some reviews from their website.

“I don’t see any reason to purchase anything else since using this lube, it does all I need, plain and simple. It can be a little hard to find but is well worth the look. As a side note, I recently lubed up my mountain bike after some months off. I thought I would try a more substantial lube so I tried some tri flo and found that it didn’t even last through my first ride and my chain has a lot of dust on it. When I use Rock “N” Roll, I don’t have to worry about relubing for at least a few rides in heavy dust or deep puddles.”

From Mark’s Marketplace
“Forget other companies’ black magic and smoke and mirrors.
Rock “N” Roll’s chain lube just plain works. Their dry formula lube keeps your chain lubed, quiet, and clean (think of it as a wet, dry lube). Both are easy to apply, easy to clean up (something you’ll rarely have to do), and neither one gunks up your cogs, chain rings, or derailleur pulleys. I’ve used it on brand-new chains, degreased chains, and old dirty chains always with good results.”
Mark Chandler