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Camera:   EOS D2000C Serial #: C520C-03308 Width:    1152 Height:   1728 Date:  5/7/02 Time:   22:45:07 DCS5XX Image FW Ver:   3.2.3 TIFF Image Look:   Product Sharpening Requested: No Tagged Counter:    [55165] ISO Speed:  200 Aperture:  f14 Shutter:  1/200 Max Aperture:  f2.8 Min Aperture:  f32 Exposure Mode:  Manual (M) Compensation:  +0.0 Flash Compensation:  +0.7 Meter Mode:  Evaluative Flash Mode:  TTL (1st curtain sync) Drive Mode:  Continuous Focus Mode:  Manual Focus Point:  --o-- Focal Length (mm):  100 White balance: Custom Time: 22:45:07.553

Black Plastic Bidon Cage.

  • This Bottle cage can also be fitted with Zip/Cable Ties if required, by  using the holes provided on the cage .