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The Bopworx Bicycle Protection Double Bumper is the ideal solution for  protecting your bike when travelling with multiple bikes on a rear rack or trailer hitch car rack, or for securing and protecting bikes and bike parts within a bike case. While the Bop Bumper protects your bike from anything that it might come into contact with, the double bumper is intended to create space between items that you are packing, shipping or storing. For example: between bikes on bike racks; between handlebars and frame within a bike case or shipping box, or between your bike and most any other item you are shipping or storing.

The Bopworx Bicycle Protection Double Bumper has two faces and rotates in the middle, allowing you to align each side at any angle. Each side has soft yet durable rubber contact points, and holds securely with a hook and latch strap system.

The Bopworx Bicycle Protection Double Bumper is focused protection for your bike in a car, on a bike rack, in a bike bag or bike case and even in storage.

  • Specially designed to protect multiple bikes mounted on a rear or hitch car rack
  • Specially designed to protect multiple bikes in storage
  • Specially designed to allow you secure the handlebars and seat post to the bike frame during transportation in a bike bag/case
  • Bumpers rotate to easily align to each bike frame creating enough space between bikes frames to prevent scraping during travel
  • Semi-soft contact points protect your bike
  • Fits all bicycle types, sizes and shapes
  • Easy, tool-free use
  • Designed for:
  • Road bike protection
  • Mountain bike protection
  • Triathlon bike protection
  • Bike racks
  • Bike cases
  • Bike shipping
  • Bike storage