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The design is centered around the ZERO axle bolt assembly, which houses an outboard sealed cartridge bearing allowing the pedal to rotate (and eliminating the need for a traditional axle). The ZERO axle cartridge bearing is more than twice the size of traditional pedal bearings and, according to Tioga, is capable of handling over five times the dynamic load of typical bearings.

A thin pedal profile generally allows better ground clearance, foot stability and pedaling efficiency.

Although the MT-ZERO body is extremely thin and open, Tioga claims that it isnt flimsy or fragile. The MT-ZERO’s body is made of one-piece, investment-cast from chromoly steel, and has been tested to handle a wide spectrum of off-road applications from XC to all-mountain.


The ZERO axle pedal system is modular and designed to be virtually maintenance free. Should the bearing wear down, simply replace the ZERO axle bolt. The same applies to the body. Replacement ZERO axle bolt and MT-ZERO body are available individually, in left or right configurations. Its modular design will also allow users to easily switch different body designs from any current and future ZERO axle pedals.

The pedals will tip the scales at a claimed 450 grams per pair.