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6 Benefits for Riding Your Bike

by Hoffy Cycles.

Riding Your Bike

Bicycling is good fun as a sport, recreational activity or hobby, and the benefits are multiple! Here at Hoffy Cycles, we want everyone to enjoy biking just as much as we do, and have compiled a list of fantastic reasons why you should get out in the sunshine on your two wheels. So, read this guide, and grab a bicycle from our excellent bike Brisbane collection to start enjoying the benefits of this fantastic form of exercise!

New Year Challenge: Bike to Work

by Hoffy Cycles.

Bike To Work

We are all aware of the importance of exercise and arguably one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise is cycling. The ability to be on your bike in the sunshine whilst taking in some of the breathtaking views the local area has to offer is the ideal way of being active and ultimately keeping fit. To kick off the New Year in style, we at Hoffy Cycles are setting the challenge of leaving your car in the garage and using your bike to get to work every day. We are actively encouraging you to use your Brisbane bike and our extensive selection can lead to you doing so in style.